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TSN Hardware + TSN Software

With the increasing automation of vehicles and the expansion of industrial digitalisation, the demand for convergent networks and time-precise communication is growing. Time-sensitive networks (TSN) form the technical basis for future-proof solutions.

As experts for time-sensitive network solutions and specialists in E/E automotive development, TSN Systems supplies high-precision measurement and analysis technology: TSN Box, TSN Tools, TSN Switch, TSN Media Converter.

TSN Box is the hardware interface to the network and can be configured as TAP, Talker/Listener or Switch. The platform-independent TSN Tools software provides you with high-level analysis and visualization to keep track of things at all times.

Hardware and software are scalable and can be used in many different scenarios.

In addition TSN Switch and TSN Media Converter offer solutions in the laboratory for Automotive Ethernet, gPTP and AVB.



TSN Tools

Understanding deviations, realising plans, getting a complete picture

TSN tools are a platform-independent software environment that is especially designed to capture complex measurements and analyse tasks at a glance, therefore offering the possibility to map and precisely implement well-founded options for action.


The basic features of TSN Tools are:

  • Stream detection: Logical recognition of coherent packets and their visualisation

  • PTP Analysis: in-depth analysis of the PTP status per link and network-wide

  • Multimodal payload analysis:

    • Audio/Video Content (AVB)

    • AVB Audio Suite (PCM, wave export, presentation time budget, 1722/1733 analysis)

    • TSN content (CAN tunnel, general control signals, IEEE1722a etc.)

    • SomeIP, DoIP

    • Correlation between Ethernet and CAN bus

  • Rest Net Simulation (AVB/TSN Talker/Listener)

  • SOME/IP Entity, Controller


TSN Box 3.0

Hardware Interface for Automotive and Industry TSN Test & Measurement Applications

The TSN Box 3.0 is designed for application fields in automotive development - especially in the context of autonomous driving - as well as in planning and the analysis of modern field bus systems in industrial automation based on OPC-UA/TSN.

The TSN-Box functions as network interface / gateway and media converter for time-sensitive automotive Ethernet and industrial TSN. The TSN-Box prepares the data and communicates with TSN tools. The FPGA-based hardware supports different modes such as TAP, data logger and AVB Talker / Listener.


Download TSN Box specification


TSN Box 3.0 Product Description

Time Sensitive Signal Generation and Analysis

The TSN-Box functions as network interface / gateway and media converter for time-sensitive Automotive Ethernet and Industrial TSN. The TSN-Box prepares the data and communicates with TSN tools The FPGA-based hardware supports different modes like TAP, data logger and AVB Talker / Listener.

Time sensitive signal generation

  • gPTP/IEEE 802.1 AS 2011/2020

    • master / slave
    • Automotive and standard profiles
    • BMCA, signalling
    • all parameters freely configurable
    • Jitter and failure insertion
  • PCAPng Player
    • Replay of PCAPng files
    • Live refresh from gPTP
    • Live refresh of as_timestamps (UDP, IEEE 1722/1733)
    • Jitter and failure insertion
  • AVB audio talker/listener
    • IEEE 1722/1733
    • Analogue/digital audio I/O, A2B I/O
    • Media clock in/out
    • 1PPS out
    • Routing matrix for audio I/O
    • Multi stream, multi channel
    • Jitter and failure insertion
  • TSN signal generation
    • UDP, TCP
    • Shaper (Qbv, Qav)
    • Payload generation
    • Jitter and Failure insertion
  • Residual bus simulation (SomeIP)
  • TAP, sniffing
  • Talker/Listener for TSN/AVB Traffic


  • 4 x 100 Base-T1
  • 2 x 1000 Base-T1
  • 2 x 100/1000 Base-T

Audio Option

  • analogue audio 8 in/8 out
  • digital audio 2 in/2 out, 16 in/16 out
  • A2B (32 ch in/out)

HDBaseT Option

  • HDBaseT Ethernet Sniffer/TAP
  • I2S Audio Sniffer


  • 4 x 100 BaseT1
  • 4x 100/1000 BaseT
Physical Parameters   
  Dimensions 210 mm x 150 mm x 74 mm
  Maximum envelope with connectors 210 mm x 187 mm x 74 mm
  Weight 1.7 Kg 
  External power supply 8-15 VDC 
  Power consumption 27W 
  Temperature range 0 - 70 °C (-40 - 70 °C possible)
Interfaces & Connectors   
 General Interfaces No. 
  USB2.0  2 
  USB3.0  1 
  1Gb/s Ethernet  1 
  USB Serial Terminal  1 
  Front Panel Reset 1 
  Recovery Button 1 
 GPIO & Sync   
  Isolated Input 2 
  Isolated Outputs (open-collector) 2 
  Output Power (12V non-isolated) 1 
  High-speed GPI (SMA, 50Ω load impedance)2up to 8 ns precision
  High-speed GPO (SMA, 50Ω source impedance)2up to 8 ns precision
  BNC SYNC Module 21 x PPS in/1 x PPS out or SYNC in/out
  12x Audio Ports (6 x stereo connectors)  48 kHz, 24 Bit, line level
  Outputs channels 8 
  Input channels 4 
  A2B & Digital Audio (SPDIF) 2each
  Dual 1Gb/s Modules 2Configured as either
      2 x 1000BASE-T & 2 x 1000Base-T1 or
      4 x 1000BASE-T
   Quad 100Mb/s Module 1Configured as
      4 x 100BASE-T1
  CAN Module 1optional CAN-FD
  VA6000 TAP Mode 2 
Datenblatt - Version: Rev_1.06_EN
TSN Box Quick Start Guide 04042019

TSN Box 3 Use Cases

The TSN Box works as a network interface for time-sensitive automotive Ethernet networks. The box prepares the data and communicates with the TSN tools. The FPGA-based hardware supports different modes:

TAP Device
  • passive TAP
  • active TAP, failure insertion
  • Multi channel TAP (up to 8 channels)
AVB/TSN Talker Listener
AVB/TSN Stream generation:
  • IEEE 802.1AS
  • AVB shaping (IEEE 802.1Qat)
  • TSN shaping (IEEE 802.1 Qav)
  • CAN-type signals
  • Audio, Video Talker Listener
Rest Net Simulation (AVB/TSN)
Simulation of AVB/TSN ECUs
  • script based
  • real time engine inside HW
  • Synchonisation over multi TSN boxes
AVB/TSN Switch
  • port mirroring
  • traffic analysis
  • policing and shaping
Multi Point PTP Analysis
  • synchronisation of multi TSN boxes over Reference PTP network
High Speed Logging
  • Eventgetriggertes local high speed logging

TSN Automotive Switch Q50

TSN-capable Automotive Ethernet Switch

The TSN Automotive Switch Q50 offers extensive features that save valuable time in dynamic laboratory setups. Above all, a secure and stable gPTP implementation according to the automotive standard is an essential prerequisite for achieving stable results in a time-sensitive environment. The switch supports the PTP master and slave mode and is adjustable via port.

The high-precision pulse-per-second (PPS) output provides nanosecond accurate monitoring of the time base. This allows even demanding synchronisation scenarios to be assessed. Administration and parameterisation can be carried out in a user-friendly manner via a web-based GUI and an API.


Download Product Flyer TSN Switch Automotive


TSN Media Converter M10

Automotive Ethernet Physical Layer Converter with Auto-Negotiation Algorithm

The Media Converter M10 allows to convert the Automotive Ethernet Physical-Layer 100- and 1000BASE-T1 to standard Ethernet. The device has a special autonegotiation algorithm that allows the dynamic recognition of PHY master-slave configurations. This makes the tool a reliable partner in everyday laboratory work at all times, providing time-saving solutions.


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