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TSN Systems was founded in 2016 and is a group of experts for time-sensitive networks and specialists from E/E automotive development.

Our passion is Time Sensitive Networking, our goal is to help the automotive industry by providing the measuring and analytics tools to keep the technological changes controllable.

Our team of 50 developers is working in Fulda and Cape Town, South Africa and has decades of experience in the field of Automotive E/E development along with the expertise of AVB and TSN. We work agile and are close to the needs and wishes of our customers.

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Managing Director Juergen Scheuring

Jürgen Scheuring
Managing Director

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Robby Gurdan, Technology & Products

Robby Gurdan

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Time sensitive networks are our fervor. Automotive is our passion. We develop test, analysis and simulation tools for the development and protection of Automotive Ethernet structures. No matter, whatever domain or zone architecture, AVB or TSN, infotainment or backbone.

TAP Device
AVB/TSN Switch
AVB/TSN Talker/Listener
PTP Analysis


Our strengths lie in the following fields of application

We work agile and are close to the needs and wishes of our customers. Always with the aim of making complex technological situations manageable.

TSN Systems. Time Matters.


Our Partners

TSN Systems is a cooperation between two strong partners:

  • UMAN. Time Sensitive Networks: AVB and TSN experts since 2008
  • UMAN is a member of Open Alliance
Universal Media Access Networks GmbH