Complexity can be controlled by collective intelligence – whether this is in nature or with autonomous mobility in new technologies in the future.

Master the required technology change with TSN Systems without any problems. We offer unique measuring and analysis tools for time-sensitive Automotive Ethernet.

TSN Systems


Solve complex tasks quickly and with a high degree of accuracy

With the imminent introduction of Automotive Ethernet as a backbone architecture, engineers should be able to get to grips with everything quickly and easily – and should be able to spend time finding solutions, instead of figuring out the technology.

TAP Device
AVB/TSN Switch
AVB/TSN Talker/Listener
PTP Analysis
A/V Content Analysis
Rest Net Simulation

Test & Measurement


TSN Tools und TSN Box

Whether domains, zones, AVB, Infotainment, TSN and Backbone: Our unique measuring tools TSN Tools and TSN Box allows employees to get started quickly, despite a steep learning curve.


New Releases TSN Box - TSN Tools - TSN Switch

RELEASE 2.8 TSN Tools & RELEASE 750/51 TSN Box & 1.1.5 TSN Switch



TSN moves into the spotlight: Automotive Ethernet Congress shows clear direction of the automotive market

Fulda. This year's virtual Automotive Ethernet Congress was inpiring, not only because of the presentation of versatile networking possibilities, but also because of its clear, targeted address of the market-determining topics in the automotive world. In addition to service-oriented architectures, safety and security, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is gaining importance.