Targeted support for transformation

TSN Systems supports you in your transformation

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is the all-dominant topic, but for many it is not tangible. And indeed, the upcoming transition to the new TSN world is a challenge. The goal is identical in all industries: Seamless communication based on convergent networks.

Based on this transformation movement, we as experts for time-sensitive networks and specialists in E/E automotive development focus on a sound and analytical understanding of TSN technologies and their practical implementation. No matter whether in vehicle networks or industrial automation.

We offer solutions in the implementation of IEEE standards with all the associated requirements and complex topology issues. We support with the challenges of high technical complexity and growing innovation pressure.

Our passion is Time Sensitive Networking, our goal is to provide the automotive and industrial sector with suitable measurement and analysis tools. If technological understanding is awakened this will enable you to keep the market changes manageable. We support the implementation of these applications – true to our credo "Time Matters".


TSN in focus

Whether E/E Architecture, AVB, TSN, TSN Simulation or SOME/IP: We at TSN Systems are experts in the field of time-sensitive networks.



  • Introduction of new E/E architectures (zone concepts, service-oriented architecture (SOA))
  • Time Synchronization
  • Audio Video Bridging (AVB)
  • Time Sensitive Networks (IEEE standards, technologies)
  • Concepts and solutions for analysis and protection of Ethernet and AVB/TSN
  • Training of teams for AVB, TSN, SOME/IP
Automotive - E/E Architektur im Auto

Industrial Automation

  • Introduction of TSN
  • Time Synchronization
  • Profinet-over-TSN
  • Ethernet switch technology
  • Concepts and solutions for the analysis and protection of TSN-based fieldbuses
  • Training of teams for TSN
Industrielle Automation

Training, Consulting, Design

Together with the knowledge and experience in the development of E/E architectures for more than fifteen years, we support our customers in their needs in terms of

  • Consulting and/or coaching to improve current E/E architectures for future trends and challenges
  • Compilation of the details for the creation of an architecture book
  • appropriate implementation strategy
  • Definition of requirements and use cases as a result of AE/TSN
  • Design, arrangement and training of test and validation test benches for use in the measurement and analysis of AE/TSN

We are accustomed to working with the V-model of our customers and its special challenges - in every phase of the software development process, from system design to system integration, we accompany you to successfully steer vehicles and machines into the future.

Präsentation Consulting - presentation consulting