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AVB and TSN Validation for Networked Audio

TSN Systems presents comprehensive test suite for audio AVB/TSN validation in infotainment.

  • German measuring technology specialist TSN Systems presents an extensive AVB analysis suite, enabling precise testing complex of AVB / TSN communication in infotainment applications with its TSN Box 3.0 and TSN Tools products. This allows typical project teams in IVI development to master these technologies without having in-depth special knowledge in time-sensitive communication.

    On the way to a service-oriented architecture, many OEMs are currently opting to use Ethernet AVB in the IVI. This is sensible considering how time-sensitive Ethernet communication is a significant role player in in upcoming EE architectures.

    With the introduction of AVB, essential technological challenges of time-sensitive communication can be mastered without initially having to serve safety-critical applications. In particular, nanosecond synchronization using gPTP places considerable demands on ECUs. The complex analysis of gPTP and, as a secondary step, audio quality requires special knowledge that is not usually available in project teams.

    Basic topics of the TSN Systems solution are gPTP time synchronization, audio analysis for IEEE 1733 and IEEE 1722 as well as jitter analysis of the media clock. Even in-depth analyses such as jitter induction in the gPTP master and the media clock are possible with the TSN Box. All analyses – including in-depth audio analyses – can easily be mastered with TSN Tools without special existing knowledge; thus leading to an efficient development workflow.

    The AVB audio suite will be presented for the first time at the Automotive Ethernet Congress on February 12-13 in Munich and is available immediately. Our TSN experts look forward to interesting discussions with you at our booth.


Automotive Testing Expo China 2019

Together with our sales partners from Polelink, we showed our TSN Box and TSN Tools at the Automotive Testing Expo China 2019 in Shanghai (September 24th to 26th).

  • Our topics Service Oriented Architecture, SomeIP, AVB and, of course, Time Sensitive Networks for Automotive applications, have had a huge impact on Chinese OEM and Tier1. Clearly modern EE Architectures prepared for autonomous driving will incorporate these mega trends in future Chinese cars.


From Profinet to HDBaseT: Flexible Measurement Technology for TSN Communication in Industry and Automotive

TSN Systems introduces several novelties for the analysis of TSN-based networks in the industrial and automotive sectors.

  • The TSN/A conference is the annual industry meeting of all industries interested in TSN based communication. Nowadays, there is emphasis on industrial automation and in-car communication in particular. TSN Systems is continually expanding its product portfolio to provide manageable measurement and validation solutions for users in both industries.

    Profinet-over-TSN monitoring with TSN Box and TSN Tools:

    Based on the Profinet-over-TSN specification V2.4, TSN Systems can already offer a monitoring and analysis tool based on TSN Tools and TSN Box to analyze networks. Especially in the early phases of planning and implementation, users are therewith enabled to clearly analyze the critical parameters of time synchronization (gPTP) and isochronous data exchange (IEEE 802.1Qbv, Qbu). It is naturally also possible to analyze all networks based on the use cases of the IEEE Working Group 60802.

    Audio Toolbox for IEEE 1733/1722:

    With AVB, audio over Ethernet has already been technically established for several years. Nevertheless, the development of IVI systems based on IEEE 1733 and IEEE 1722 presents OEM and TIER1 with considerable challenges during development and validation. TSN Systems will present a comprehensive toolbox for the validation and development of AVB talkers/listers and gPTP masters at TSN/A for the first time. Many audio-specific analyzers such as media clock jitter, presentation time budget and gPTP jitter sensitivity are included in the package.

    TAP Device for Ethernet-over-HDBaseT in Automotive:

    Furthermore, TSN Systems in cooperation with Valens demonstrates a TAP device for Ethernet-over-HDBaseT. TSN Box 3.0 has been enhanced with the HDBaseT interface option for TAP and Talker/Listener to validate special IVI solutions based on HDBaseT.


Analysis and planning of service-oriented architectures

TSN Systems will present measurement technology for the validation and planning of service-oriented EE architectures at the Bordnetzkongress.

  • TSN Systems was once again able to give some impetus to the valuable discussions with planners of EE architectures at the recently concluded Bordnetzkongress. The way to dynamic networks and the use of services in communication - mostly based on SOME/IP - seems to be generally accepted. However, this also involves new approaches to planning and, above all, securing vehicle networks, which in the future will have to be secured generically (i.e. payload-independently). For the necessary guarantees, the TSN standard solutions are available as a modular system. To meet these challenges, TSN Systems offers a portfolio of hardware and software.


TSN Workshop in China, July 16-18th, 2019

Successful workshop for TSN Systems GmbH in Chongqing, People's Republic of China

  • The Workshop gathered over 30 professionals & technicals including students from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, which is an important teaching and research university in the field of information communication in China. Others were from influential OEMs in China's auto industry,such as Chongqing Changan Automobile Company Limited and Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd., etc.

    Major topics of the 3 day workshop were general questions and concepts of Time Sensitive Networks (TSN) in automotive and industrial applications. A special focus was set on the concepts in industrial automation technologies and the transformation of classical field bus technologies like PROFINET and EtherCAT towards TSN based fully convergent networks.


Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo May 21-23, 2019, Stuttgart

An interesting and succesful fair has come to an end. We are looking forward to the next AVTE in 2020!


TSN-enabled Switch for the Lab

TSN Systems extends its product portfolio with a TSN-capable Automotive Ethernet Switch and a Media Converter.

  • Following the successful introduction of the TSN Tools and TSN Box measurement and analysis system, the German manufacturer has expanded its product portfolio with two new products that make working with time-sensitive Automotive Ethernet much easier.

    The TSN Automotive Q50 Switch offers extensive features that save valuable time in dynamic laboratory setups. Above all, a secure and stable gPTP implementation according to the automotive standard is an essential prerequisite for achieving stable results in a time-sensitive environment. The switch supports the PTP master and slave modes and is adjustable per port.

    The high precision pulse-per-second (PPS) output provides nanosecond-accurate time base monitoring. This allows even sophisticated synchronization scenarios to be realized. The administration and parameterization can be carried out in a user-friendly way through a web-based GUI as well as via an API.

    Another product introduced by TSN Systems is the Media Converter M10. The handy device makes it possible to implement the Automotive Ethernet Physical Layer 100 and 1000BASE-T1 on standard Ethernet. The device has a special autonegotiation algorithm that allows the dynamic recognition of PHY master-slave configurations. Therefore, the tool is always a reliable partner in everyday laboratory work, providing time-saving solutions.


TSN Systems in Smart Architecture Vision at CES

New measurement technology for a new generation of vehicle networks. TSN Systems supports Valens and HDBaseT with high-precision measuring solutions.

  • Valens will present its vision for a new smart vehicle architecture at CES 2019. TSN Systems is proud to support with the first commercially available HDBaseT Sniffer based on the TSN Box 3.0. With nanosecond-accurate timestamps and extensive visualization and post-processing capabilities in the TSN tools application, validation of time-sensitive HDBaseT and Ethernet can be mastered.


TSN Systems at the Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich

Powerful Network for the Computer on Wheels.

  • New measurement technology for a new generation of vehicle networks. Experience the TSN Tools and TSN Box at the Automotive Ethernet Congress with many exciting and productive new features.

    Substantial enhancements for high-precision TSN signal generation and analysis have been implemented in the new release 3.0 of the TSN Box: additional interfaces such as 1000BASE-T1, audio, sync, PPS and GPIO enable even complex analysis tasks to be mastered. For the signal generation of AVB and TSN Traffic extensive templates for Qav / Qbv Traffic and gPTP were realized, which ensure a fast and uncomplicated handling of the complex matter.

    Make an appointment today with our TSN specialists at the congress!


TSN/A Conference in Stuttgart, September 26-27, 2018

A successful conference has come to an end. We had the opportunity to present our new TSN boxes and TSN tools to many interested participants and to hold profound conversations.


Automotive Testing Expo China 2018

From September 25-27th, TSN Systems attended the Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai (China) together with Polelink.

  • On China’s largest full vehicle and component testing, validation technologies and services show, we presented our new TSN Boxes as well as our TSN Tools to over 5,000 attendees. 


Meet us at TSN/A Conference in Stuttgart, September 26-27, 2018

Next Step for TSN Signal Generation and Analysis: Release 3.0 of TSN Box and TSN Tools

  • The swift adoption of TSN standards by the automotive and automation industries drives the development of TSN Box and TSN Tools quite fast.

    Earlier this year, we released signal generation and analysis tools for industrial and automotive TSN applications. The new releases of software and hardware now support new and exciting customer-driven features like 802.1Qbv, 1000BASE-T and 1000BASE-T1 interfacing.

    Meet us at the conference, we like to tell you more about it. 

    Control Complexity.


TSN Demo at embedded world

Experience Industrial TSN IEEE 802.1Qbv demo live at embedded world. Meet us at AVnet Silica booth hall 1 / 1-370.

  • TSN Systems and AVnet Silica present at the embedded world in Nürnberg a high-performance TSN network with high-precision synchronization for demanding industrial automation and robotics.
    With a cycle time of 100 μs and a few μs latency, even demanding control applications can be implemented swith tandard Ethernet-based usingTSN extensions.
    Experience the live visualization and analysis of Qbv Traffic. Meet us in hall 1/1-370.


What does the future hold for autonomous driving?

Together with our co-operation partner EDAG, we presented our new measuring and analysis system for Time Sensitive Networking in a beta version at the industry get-together in Ludwigsburg.

  • The system supports Automotive Ethernet in all its facets such as DoIP, SomeIP and Service Oriented Architecture, but in particular the AVB and TSN with their extreme time requirements in the nanosecond range. 

    TSN Tools take a radically new approach in the automotive measuring technology sector. High bandwidth and complexity pose enormous challenges for developers. The solution from TSN Systems offers measuring hardware and user interfaces for intelligent data management and intuitive visualisation at any time. 

    The planned release date is January 2019. 

    We look forward to hearing from you. 

    Control Complexity.