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TSN CoreSolution

With the increasing automation of vehicles and the expansion of industrial digitalization, the demand for convergent networks and time-precise communication is growing. Time-Sensitive Networks (TSN) is a technical basis for future-proof solutions.

As experts for time-sensitive network solutions and specialists in E/E automotive development, TSN Systems supplies high-precision measurement and analysis technology: TSN CoreSolution, TSN Switch, TSN Media Converter.


TSN CoreSolution is an ecosystem that consistently addresses all aspects and challenges in the development and validation of zone architectures. On the one hand, the TSN CoreSolution supports high-precision data generation and analysis that is crucial for time-sensitive networks. However, the system also integrates three other aspects essential to the validation process: Automated Testing, High Level Dashboards and the uncompromising integration of SOME/IP. This creates a coherent workflow where TSN Box and TSN Tools merge into one product.

In addition, TSN Switch and TSN Media Converter offer solutions in the laboratory and vehicle for Automotive Ethernet, gPTP and AVB.



TSN CoreSolution:
TSN Tools

PC Software for recording, analysis and visualisation of Ethernet, TSN and CAN data

TSN Tools is a platform-independent software environment specifically designed to capture complex measurements and analyse tasks at a glance.

 Basic features of TSN Tools are:

  • Stream detection: logical recognition of coherent packets and their visualisation
  • PTP Analysis: in-depth analysis of PTP status per link and network-wide
    • 1PPS read-in support (precise analysis of SMA input events from TSN Box)
  • Multimodal payload analysis:
    • Packet delay analyzer
    • Generic plotter
    • Audio/Video content (AVB)
    • AVB Audio Suite (PCM, wave export, presentation time budget, 1722/1733 analysis)
    • Raw audio support for correlation of ETH PCM and analog audio (e.g. for audio amplifier analysis)
    • TSN analysis (support and special features for 802.1 Qbv, Qbu, Qci, CB and much more)
    • Extensive SOME/IP support (ARXML import, service discovery, TCP/IP, UDP, packet fragmentation)
    • Correlation between Ethernet and CAN bus
  • RESTNet Simulation (AVB/TSN Talker/Listener)
  • SOME/IP service discovery, entity, controller


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TSN CoreSolution:
TSN Box 3.2

Hardware Interface for Automotive and Industry TSN Test & Measurement Applications

The TSN Box 3.2 is designed to assist with automotive network development, particularly in the context of next generation zonal architectures, as well as with planning and analysis of modern field bus systems in industrial automation based on OPC-UA/TSN.

The TSN Box is a highly flexible precision device that supports a large amount of use cases in the TSN Ethernet realm. In general, the use cases can be divided into two different areas:

  • Signal analysis/TAP device: TSN Box serves as transparent link into existing Ethernet connections. With its unique DUT-sync feature, powerful correlations between packet timestamps and network-based presentation timestamps are possible. In addition, other inputs such as SMA events or digital/analog audio input can be timestamped for coherent analysis in TSN Tools or even Wireshark.
  • Signal generation: TSN Box supports many features to generate time-sensitive signals for RESTNet emulation or low-level testing. Whether gPTP master/slave, AVB audio and video, cyclic Qbv traffic, SOME/IP or time sensitive PCAPNG replay, TSN Box can manage even the most complex scenarios.



TSN CoreSolution:
TSN Box 3.2
Technical Data

Time Sensitive Signal Generation and Analysis

Multi-functional AVB/TSN Device

• Multi-port TAP, DUT sync feature, packet filtering, 8ns time stamp precision, 802.1Qbu support

• gPTP Master/Slave with failure injection, 1PPS out

• AVB Talker/Listener, IEEE 1722 AVTP/1733, CRF, media clock recovery, failure insertion, audio matrix/mixer & tone generator, Qav shaping

• TSN Qbv Talker/Listener

• TSN pcapng player with dynamic time stamp refresh mechanism

• SOME/IP controller, entity



Hardware Interfaces

• 4x 100 BASE-T1, 2x 100/1000BASE-T1, 2x 100/1000BASE-T

• 1x 10BASE-T1S


• BNC Sync 1x in/1x out, SMA High speed 2x in/2x out, GPIO 2x in/2x out

• 1000BASE-T Host port, USB3 Host, 2x USB2 Host

• Digital audio TOSLINK/ADAT optical 2x in/2x out, 48kHz, 2ch/8ch each

• 2x LIN


P7/8 PHY modules 100/1000 BASE-T

• Dual speed twin port Ethernet 100/1000 BASE-T PHY module with RJ45 connector for industrial or laboratory applications

• Replaces P7/8 100/1000 BASE-T1 PHY modules on TSN Box 3.1 if equipped


P7/6 PHY modules 100/1000 BASE-T1  

• Dual speed twin port Automotive Ethernet 100/1000 BASE-T1 PHY module

• Replaces P5/6 100/1000 BASE-T PHY modules on TSN Box 3.1 if equipped


Analog Audio Module 8in/4out

High performance analog audio I/O module

• 8 channel audio in, 4 channel audio out, 3.5 mm stereo TRS jack, line level

• Separate 32bit D/A and A/D converters

• >110dB SNR D/A, >100dB A/D

• Local precision clock synthesizer

• High quality precision audio op-amps, separated per channel for reduced crosstalk

• Relay-driven analog outputs to ensure glitch-free start-up

• Precision discrete analog, digital and op-amp power supplies for reduced noise and increased headroom

Replaces digital audio I/O on TSN Box 3.1 if equipped.


Digital Audio 16in/16out Option

• Software module, 2x 8 channel digital audio in, 2x 8 channel digital audio out

• 48kHz, 16/20/24bit, TOSLINK/ADAT format in combination with TSN Box 3.1 digital card

• Digital audio mixer/matrix, signal generator, CRF clock output


Digital Audio 8in/8out Option

• Software module, 1x 8 channel digital audio in, 1x 8 channel digital audio out

• 48kHz, 16/20/24bit, TOSLINK/ADAT format in combination with TSN Box 3.1 digital card

• Digital audio mixer/matrix, signal generator, CRF clock output

Physical Parameters   
  Dimensions 169 mm x 246 mm x 111 mm
  Maximum Envelope with Connectors & Feet196 mm x 246 mm x 120 mm
  Weight 3.4 kg 
  External Power 10-15 VDC 
  Power Consumption, Normal Power (max)23W 
  Power Consumption, High Power (max)50W 
  Temperature Range0 – 70 °C 
Interfaces & Connectors   
 General Interfaces No. 
  USB2.0  2 
  USB3.0  1 
  1Gb/s Ethernet  1 
  USB Serial Terminal 1 
  Front Panel Reset1 
  Firmware Recovery Button1 
 GPIO & Sync   
  Isolated Input 2 
  Isolated Outputs (open-collector)2 
  Output Power (12V non-isolated)1 
  High-speed GPI (SMA, 50Ω load impedance)2 
  High-speed GPO (SMA, 50Ω source impedance)2 
  BNC SYNC Module  
 TSN Box Native Audio   
  48 kHz, 24 Bit   
  Analog Audio Ports (8x Stereo Connectors) 8 
  Input Channels 8 
  Outputs Channels8 
  Digital Audio (TOSLINK Connectors)4 
  Input Channels (ADAT) 16 
  Input Channels (S/PDIF)4 
  Output Channels (ADAT)16 
  Output Channels (S/PDIF)4 
  2x Dual 1Gb/s Modules (100/1000Mb/s T1)1 
  Quad 100Mb/s Module 1 
  10Base-T1S Module 1 
  CAN/CAN-FD ports2 
 LIN Module   
  LIN Capture ports2 


Flyer TSN CoreSolution

TSN CoreSolution:
Use Cases

The TSN Box works as a network interface for time-sensitive Automotive Ethernet networks. The TSN box prepares the data and communicates with the TSN Tools. The FPGA-based hardware supports different modes:

TAP Device
  • Passive TAP
  • Active TAP, failure insertion
  • Multi-channel TAP (up to 8 channels)
AVB/TSN Talker Listener
AVB/TSN Stream Generation
  • IEEE 802.1AS (2011 & 2020)
  • AVB shaping
  • TSN shaping
  • CAN
  • SOME/IP entity
  • Audio, Video Talker Listener
Rest Net Simulation (AVB/TSN)
Simulation of AVB/TSN ECUs
  • Script-based
  • Real time engine inside HW
  • Synchonisation over multi TSN boxes
AVB/TSN Switch
  • Port mirroring
  • Traffic analysis
  • Policing and shaping
Multi Point PTP Analysis
  • Synchronisation of multi TSN boxes over Reference PTP network
High Speed Logging
  • event-triggered local high speed logging
  • Controller
  • Entity
  • Real time scripting engine

TSN Automotive Switch Q50 2.0

TSN-capable Automotive Ethernet Switch

The TSN Systems Q50 2.0 secure automotive switch is a highly flexible AVB/TSN capable switch intended for use in the lab, car or HIL.

The 8-port Ethernet switch offers five fixed 100BASE-T1 ports, two 1000BASE-T1 and one configurable Gigabit port that can be set to either 1000BASE-T1 or 1000BASE-T for maximum flexibility.

A wide range of management capabilities are available, providing easy access and configuration of the device via a custom switch editor for Windows with integrated automatic discovery.

A precision 1PPS output signal is available on an SMA connector to verify and compare sync status on oscilloscopes or other hardware requiring precise 1PPS inputs.

Security features are among the highest possible, designed to protect at the root source for current secure Automotive Ethernet switches to prevent malicious attacks or manipulation to the data streamed in the vehicle. All ports are fully compliant to IEEE802.3 automotive standards and utilize advanced security features to guard against hacking and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. MAC address blacklisting and whitelisting on all ports is also available.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) techniques and Trusted Boot functionality are also deployed to deliver one of the most secure Automotive Ethernet switches available.

Standalone, managed and TSN functionalities:

  • 5x IEEE 100BASE-T1 ports
  • 2x IEEE 1000BASE-T1 ports
  • 1x configurable port:  1000BASE-T1 or 1000BASE-T 
  • gPTP due to IEEE 802.1AS, fully configurable with editor
  • Fully configurable independent port matrix with PTP filter and injector
  • VLAN, fully configurable with editor
  • Credit-based shaper (e.g. IEEE802.1Qav), fully configurable with editor
  • Editable ATU, fully configurable with editor
  • Onboard diagnostics (link status, data throughput, packet statistics)
  • Instantaneous boot for in-vehicle usage
  • Wide 12-42VDC input power range for use in practically any application
  • 1PPS output via SMA, 50Ω
  • Compact dimensions, robust metal chassis
  • Wide range of LEDs and buttons for standalone control and feedback
  • Underlying AUTOSAR OS
  • AVNU Alliance Ethernet Functional Specification v1.4, certified
  • PTP IEEE 802.1 AS, conformant to AutoCDS v.1.4
  • Firmware update via Ethernet with editor, base firmware with USB


For more information, please take a look at our product flyer.


TSN Media Converter

Automotive Ethernet Physical Layer Converter with Auto-Negotiation Algorithms

The TSN Media Converter (MC) is a highly flexible tool for use in multiple environments like the lab, car or HiL.

Simple, small and flexible, it seamlessly converts 1000BASE-T and 1000BASE-T1 connections, and is also 100Mbps capable. No packets are buffered or filtered and can be seen as a transparent link. For convenience, all settings are intuitively hardware adjustable without a tethered configuration PC.

T1 port speeds and master/slave settings can be manually forced with switches, or for convenience use a novel auto-negotiation method that does not rely on vendor-proprietary methods but compatible with all T1 PHYs on the market.

In Auto mode, the T1 link will automatically negotiate with its link partner without the user having to investigate the settings or use trial and error. This has been found to be a massive time-saver for use in complex and distributed systems.

Firmware can be updated using a provided USB connection, as well as terminal access for more detailed inspection.

Core features include:

  • 1 x IEEE 100/1000BASE-T1 port
  • 1 x IEEE 100/1000BASE-T port
  • 1 x Micro-USB connector for firmware updates & terminal access
  • Fully TSN compliant
  • Instant startup for in-vehicle use 
  • Small dimensions, full metal case for environmental and EMC protection
  • Status LEDs indicates mode, speed and link status
  • Wide power range from 9V-40VDC for use in practically any application
  • Twin power jacks for use with either common DC barrel connectors or a lockable Phoenix connection for powering from other sources
  • T1 connectors compatible with all TSN Systems products
  • Static or auto-negotiated port roles with manual controls, compatible with all existing and current T1 PHYs


For more information, please take a look at our product flyer.


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